Motivation Quick Tip (1)

For most people motivation comes and goes like any other feeling. It often gets the ball rolling but it’s difficult to finish a task without other factors in play.

This weeks tip for staying motivated is remembering not just the overall purpose, but the specific and appreciable purpose.

When you’re feeling a loss of motivation, calling back into memory why you’re doing it in the first place is extremely important but what is more important and usually more successful is thinking about the consequences of the task, project, or whatever hurdle you’re facing, not being done. Next time you’re feeling demotivated take 5 minutes to first make a list of all there is to gain by accomplishing your task and beside it make a list of the possible ramifications if you are unsuccessful. If you can’t think of any consequences then this action may not need to be part of your overall plan and you should reassess whether or not it will actually play into your list of gains.


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