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3 Reasons to Invest in Identity Design.

We’ve talked about the importance of branding on our blog before (see our previous post here) but today we thought we’d lay out some more specific reasons to consider investing in identity design and more definitively express the potential benefits to your business from the 3 most important intersections.

1. Support your sales force.

Your sales force represents your brand and pitches your services and products to potential consumers. With a strong brand identity the sales force is just backing your company’s message, not starting from scratch. Your company’s brand should not only build awareness for the company, but it should make it’s value clear, showcasing it’s competitive advantage and communicating your brand’s mission and values whenever possible so when your sales team comes in contact with a potential customer, the foundation is already laid out.

2. Develop the customer experience.

The actuality of living in a branded world means having to seize every opportunity to position your company in your customer’s mind. Ideally your customer would view your brand in the most compelling light. Creating a memorable logo will help manage consumer’s perception of the company making the products and services offered clear and making it easier to create and build customer loyalty. When done successfully a company can also communicate an understanding of their customers lifestyles and preferences.

3. Build brand equity.

“Brands are intangible assets and account for, on average 75% of the value of a company.“ -Blake Deutsch

Think: big picture. The company’s future success is dependent on it’s reputation. A strong brand will draw on recognition to power relationships with consumers and stakeholders. Upholding that reputation will insure the company’s value long term and build’s your company’s worth.

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Some Thoughts on Branding and Logo Design

“The best identity programs embody and advance the company’s brand by supporting desired perceptions. Identity expresses itself in every touchpoint of the brand and becomes intrinsic to a company’s culture–a constant symbol of its core values and its heritage.” -Alina Wheeler (Brand Consultant, Author and Designer)

The statement quoted above really reflects what we here at Senci Design are invested in. We see branding and the associated design to be more than an added value. Our objective is to portray the company’s image in a symbol, a collective summary of more than what the company does, the ideals it represents, the feeling it wants to share, and the people who make the company what it is.

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